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MacIQ WM and MacR6 N


Stationary water meter reading using MacIQ WM telemetry module and MacR6 N logger.

Dedicated to the water and sewer industry, the stationary water meter reading solution enables automation of the water meter reading process and advanced diagnostics of the water supply grid.

MacIQ WM and MacR6 N devices have been adjusted to work in a dedicated NB IoT network in the LPWAN standard (Low Power Wide Area Network).

Measurement data acquisition system eWebtel  enables quick detection of failures and irregularities in the water supply grid.

They use a simple plug-and-play system that allows installation directly on the water meter envelope.

The system uses the infrastructure of telecom network operators using Narrowband IoT technology, so it does not require additional components or the construction of transmission infrastructure.

The use of the MacIQ WM module also has a diagnostic function and is used to build a database to feed Electronic Customer Service Offices (EBOK).

Dedicated web platform eWebtel  provide remote access, intuitive configuration and control of device operation.


Monitoring and diagnostics of water and sewer grids.

Expanding the solution with the MacR6 N recorder allows you to create a complete tool for monitoring and diagnostics of the water supply grid.

Solution with MacIQ WM and MacR6 N with leak detection, it enables the generation of savings and increases the efficiency of the company.

Narrowband technology-based solution dedicated to difficult locations – especially building basements or water supply wells, where standard radio systems fail.

The communication modem used in the devices in a standard adapted to Smart City solutions, guarantees security and the highest efficiency of data transmission.

The devices through the use of dedicated adapters are compatible with the most popular manufacturers of water meters: Itron, Diehl, Sensus, Apator, Madalena, Janz.

The solution with MacIQ WM and MacR6 N devices is designed for

  • Water and sewage companies
  • Distributors of measuring devices
  • Suppliers of SMART City solutions

Complete solution and professional technical support at every stage of implementation

Cooperation stages:

  1. Establishing technical assumptions.
  2. Hardware and software refinement. Full cooperation with the R&D department.
  3. Implementation of the order.
  4. Dedicated technical and service training.
  5. Marketing support.
  6. Post-sales technical support.
  7. Constant contact with the Customer Service Department.


Complex approach to the entire implementation process.

We focus on business partnership. We help solve technical issues and technological challenges.

Telemetry and many years of uninterrupted operation. We provide a technically refined product, providing remote data transmission from the system, working with NB-IoT technology.

We give marketing support.

We create dedicated technical training courses.

Easy configuration and operation with dedicated web system and mobile applications

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