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Water flow recorder

MacREJ 5 W

Water flow and pressure recorder with built-in
GSM/GPRS modem

MacREJ 5 W is a device designed to monitor flow and pressure in water supply networks.

The recorded data is transmitted over the GSM network. The device can be installed in harsh weather conditions. The device is made in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and can be used in contaminated water environment.

The recorder can be battery-powered or mains-powered.

Working on external power, the device provides access to online data. The ability to configure 9 data dispatch schedules that function independently. Ability to define the necessary data for dispatch. Two-way communication with external transmitters. Ability to read external modules, or control outputs. Implemented MODBUS protocol gives the possibility of wired data exchange in real time.

  • Remote access to water flow and pressure data to enable balancing in water supply networks
  • Detection of irregularities in water supply networks- pressure drops, leaks.
  • Connection of two water meters using pulse transmitters
  • Replacement of SIM card and batteries without loss of data
  • Ingress Protection rating IP 67
  • Cooperation with various IT systems: eWebtel, billing systems, SCADA
  • Access to water consumption profile from the eWebtel platform
  • Configurable alarms. Notification of alarm situations via eWebtel email including, but not limited to: exceeding flow threshold, or exceeding pressure threshold,
  • Detection of opening the device, magnetic interference
  • Cooperation with several water meters at the same time
  • Detection of opening of the housing, magnetic interference
  • Backflow detection
  • Ability to remotely reconfigure the device
  • Access to archive data

Housing material



206x194x76 mm / 1,3 kg

Relative humidity

max 95% at temp 70°C

Environment temp. range

-25°C up to 70°C

Ingress Protection rating

IP66 for outdoor installation


6 pushbuttons


LCD - graphic 4” with backlight

Ex marking

II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga
Certificate : FTZU 17 ATEX 0047X •

Internal power supply

D-size lithium battery 3,6V/17Ah, operating time: 5 years

Modem supply

Two D-size lithium batteries 3,6V/17Ah, ope-rating time: 5 years (3 communications per day)

External supply

• Intrinsically safe power supply and transmission interface INT-S3 (RS485, Supply output 5.7V, 2 digital inputs/outputs, Supply input 11÷30V DC)
• Safe zone: 6,51V DC

Transmission protocol

Other protocols can be used as per request

Transmission ports

• 2 independent serial transmission ports, speed up to 256 000 b/s: COM1, COM2 standard RS-485
• Optical Interface IEC 62056-21
• NFC interface IEC 14443
• GSM/GPRS 2G/3G/4G LTE (option)

Environment conditions class


Data logging horizon

• Data registered with 1 second period
• Hourly data – more than two years
• Daily data – more than three years

II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga • Monthly data – more than 10 years
Events memory – about 4000 records


6 programmable digital inputs
2 LF reed switch inputs
water grid supervisors informed by the GSM network according to configured alarms

Monthly data – more than 10 years

Steering outputs

4 Ex digital outputs:
1x configurable – binary or frequency (0-5000Hz)
3x configurable binary


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