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Water flow recorder
MacR6 N

Water flow and pressure recorder with built-in telemetry module

MacR6 N is a compact device that provides water flow and pressure recording at an industrial water meter.

It uses GSM network infrastructure for data transmission thanks to the built-in LTE Cat. M1/NB IoT/2G. It is capable of sending logged data every hour and sending data autonomously according to a set schedule. The device meets IP68 waterproofing requirements, so it can operate in fully submerged conditions. Replacing the battery and SIM card does not result in a loss of protection.

The logger can be installed directly on the water meter and record the volume using magnetic sensors.

In addition, the logger is equipped with two configurable inputs, which can be used as: pulse inputs for connecting water meters, pressure sensor inputs, digital inputs responding to a change of state – short or open contact. MacR6 N is battery powered

  • Online access to water flow and pressure monitoring – ability to balance the water supply network
  • Detection of anomalies (unexpected pressure increases/decreases, leaks) and notification via e-mail, SMS, eWebtel
  • Configurable alarms including but not limited to: magnetic tampering, device removal, leakage, flooding of water meter chamber
  • Device geolocation function
  • Access to historical data on the amount of water used and pressure
  • Possibility of installation on industrial water meters of leading manufacturers
  • Cooperation with two water meters
  • Direct installation on the water meter or connection via pulse transmitter
  • Possibility to work on customer servers
  • Built-in MacR6 N sensors: disassembly and displacement of the recorder, opening of the housing, magnetic interference, flooding of water in the water meter chamber
  • Backflow recording
  • Remote or stationary reconfiguration of device settings
  • Simple installation and configuration of the device
  • No need to replace the MacR6 N when changing the water meter, e.g., after the legalization period

Power supply

High-current lithium-thionyl battery with a nominal voltage of 3.6V, size D according to IEC 60086-1 and a maximum capacity of 14 Ah. Battery life: 5 years when sending data once a day.

Ingress protection

IP68 according to EN 60529

Operating temperature

From -25oC to +50oC


109,3 mm x 109,02 mm x 44,7 mm

MacR6 N Inputs

3 inductive sensors for direct reading of the water meter counter

MacR6 N-P Inputs

• Three inductive sensors. Direct installation on the water meter.
• Two inputs. Pulse inputs (pulse transmitter, flow meter) or pressure sensors.

MacR6 N-P pressure sensor

• Option 1: pressure sensor 0-10 bar (measurement accuracy: 0,5% FS )
• Option 2: pressure sensor 0-25 bar (measurement accuracy: 0,5% FS ) Operating temperature: from 0oC to +30oC

Data registration period

From 1 to 60 minutes

Reporting frequency

Configurable from 1 to N times per day and directly after the alarm

Data transmission

• Local data readout via mobile device with NFC
• Integrated LTE Cat. M1/NB IoT/2G modem
• Support for transmission prtotocols: TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMS


Synchronized with GSM network provider or NTP time server


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