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ConfIT! Software and application

Software and application for configuration and diagnostics of Plum devices

ConfIT! enables configuration and diagnostics of PLUM products based on a clear user interface.

The software enables the configuration and reading of devices in basic and advanced mode, thanks to the functionality of graphical device profiles. An additional text mode is also available. It is possible to exchange software on Plum devices without using additional interfaces or programs. Memory function for recently used devices.

ConfIT! allows you to update the firmware in PLUM devices without using external programs. The software is based on a clear, graphical user interface. The interface can be freely modified. The software works in Windows environment. It is very easy to adapt to user requirements.

The program remembers the list of recently used devices, there is no need to search for a new device every time.

  • Configuration and software replacement in PLUM devices without additional software.
  • Clear user interface.
  • Functional, graphical device profiles.
  • Configuration of settings also possible in additional text mode.
  • Installation and operation in Windows environment.

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