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Mobile application

ConfIT! Loggers

Mobile application designed to configure PLUM telemetry modules.

The free Application ConfIT! loggers is designed to configure telemetry modules for water meters, gas meters and pressure loggers – manufactured by PLUM.

To connect to the device, you need any device with Android and NFC standard. The application is available in the Google Play Store.

The application provides support for installation at the target site and allows to configure the device and edit basic parameters of the recorder.

The application communicates with devices in the GazModem protocol, in the Bluetooth standard, using the OptoBTEx head through the optical channel and directly using NFC


Supported devices (WATER):
MacR6 N – telemetry module for water meters, water pressure recorder

MacREJ 5 W – advanced recorder for flow meters, water pressure recorder

Supported devices (GAS):
MacR6 – telemetry module for gas meters

MacR6-Z0 – telemetry module for gas meters

MacR6-Z0-P – gas pressure recorder

MacREJ 5 – gas station operation recorder

MacREJ 5 R – advanced volume recorder

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