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Remote management of water supply network in stationary mode

A solution for water utilities

Stationary reading of data from water and sewer networks using MacIQ compact IoT module and MacR6 N logger.  

Dedicated to the water supply industry, a comprehensive solution for stationary reading of water meters, based on technologies in line with the IoT trend. A simple plug & play system by installing the module on the water meter envelope enables automation of the water meter reading process and advanced diagnostics of the water supply network. The solution does not require additional components or the construction of transmission infrastructure. The use of the MacIQ module on water meters at end users serves not only for billing without the participation of collectors, but also has a diagnostic function and is used to build a database to feed Electronic Customer Service Offices (EBOK). Dedicated web applications ConfIT and eWebtel provide remote access, intuitive configuration and control of equipment operation.  


Expanding the solution with the MacR6N recorder and installing both devices on the network allows you to create a simple but complete tool for monitoring and diagnostics of the water supply network. This allows early identification of failures and visualization of water losses on a daily basis. Reduction of water losses or detection of leaks allows generating savings in the enterprise. The communication modem used in the devices in standards dedicated to Smart City solutions: NB-IoT, Cat.M provides security and the highest efficiency of data transmission. The solution is dedicated to difficult locations, including underground where standard radio systems fail. Devices through the use of dedicated adapters are compatible with the most popular manufacturers of water meters: Itron, Diehl, Sensus, Apator, Maddalena, Janz. This allows freedom in the choice of water meters used by the company. 

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